Open Doors, est. 1955

Serving Persecuted Christians For Over 60 Years

Open Doors was established in 1955 when Brother Andrew, a newly committed Christian, began smuggling Bibles into Eastern Europe. Since then Open Doors has expanded to work in over 70 countries, providing Bibles, training and practical support to the persecuted church.

Open Doors 60th Anniversary

Our Story


Bold Beginnings

Brother Andrew, a 27-year-old Dutch missionary, smuggles Bibles into Eastern Europe for the first time. He reads Revelation 3:2 to “strengthen what remains and is at the point of death.” This marks the beginnings of the ministry of Open Doors.


VW Beetle

Brother Andrew makes the first of many trips to the Soviet Union in his iconic blue Volkswagen Beetle, which was to travel over 200,000 miles. He smuggled Bibles, creatively hidden inside the VW. Brother Andrew prayed, “Lord you made blind eyes see. Now I pray, make seeing eyes blind.” That prayer is still prayed today as we deliver Bibles into dangerous places.


God's Smuggler Published

Brother Andrew's biography, God's Smuggler, is published. It became one of the best-selling Christian books of all time.


Open Doors Australia Founded

Dean and Becky move from America to Australia to start the ministry of Open Doors in Australia, after hearing about the opportunity on an Open Doors prayer tape.


Project Pearl

'Project Pearl' sees one million Bibles delivered to a beach in China in just one night. Thousands of waiting believers gather to receive them.


Project Crossfire

'Project Crossfire' distributes five million pieces of Christian literature in Latin America. Thousands of young people are helped to share their faith in Christ.


North Korean Ministry

Open Doors begins working with North Koreans, delivering 10,000 Korean Bibles.


60 Years On

2015 marked Open Doors’ 60th anniversary, in that time we have expanded to work in over 70 countries worldwide.


2017 & Beyond

Open Doors continues to serve the global body of Christ and, God willing, we will do for many years to come.

Brother Andrew, Founder


In 1955, a young Dutch missionary went on a group tour to Poland–at the time it was under communist rule. There he discovered the body of Christ desperately in need of Bibles, support and prayer. God gave him the scripture Revelation 3:2 to "Wake up, strengthen what remains and is at the point of death." Brother Andrew (as he would later be known around the world) distributed a suitcase full of Christian literature, marking the humble beginnings of the ministry of Open Doors.

Brother Andrew grew up in a small village in Holland. After World War 2, he went as a volunteer soldier to Indonesia. He was wounded by a bullet in 1949, and became a Christian when he read the Bible in hospital. 

As a new Christian, he devoted his life to missionary work. Brother Andrew’s autobiography, God’s Smuggler, details the dangerous border crossings he made to deliver God's Word to the oppressed and his courageous journey toward living radically for Jesus.

Today Brother Andrew lives in Holland, and has five children and eight grandchildren. He is still active within the ministry of Open Doors and continues in his passion to serve the persecuted church.

Mike Gore, CEO

MikeFamily 1

Mike Gore is the CEO for Open Doors Australia & Open Doors New Zealand. He joined the ministry in 2009 as Youth Manager from a background in Christian business, Music and Retail. In 2015 he took on the role of CEO.

Since 2009, Mike has had extensive field experience – from being chased by the secret police in North Africa, to being in lock down in a hotel to avoid being kidnapped for ransom. He has met with and ministered to secret believers in house churches and smuggled Bibles to Muslim background believers in restricted countries.

Through all of these experiences, Mike has gained a profound passion for people and telling the story of the persecuted church. He firmly believes that, as we hear stories of courage and passion from our brothers and sisters, our personal faith and the spiritual temperature of a country can be radically transformed. 

Returning from a trip to Iraq in 2015, Mike felt convicted that caring for the persecuted church should be part of the DNA of every Christian. He's passionate about sharing stories of the church living in persecution with Christians in Australia and New Zealand, so that they would know and care for the global body of Christ.

Mike lives in Sydney with his wife and and two daughters.

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