What We Do

Helping people follow Jesus all over the world, no matter the cost.



In 2018, we delivered over 2 million Bibles, Christian literature and training materials around the world.



Last year we trained over 570,000 persecuted Christians in church leadership and discipleship.

Practical Support140

Practical Support

We provided relief aid, jobs, health care and safe houses to over 370,000 people in 2018.

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Iraq - A Bakery With A Difference

Your help makes a difference

“Thank you. Without your support we could do nothing.” - Pastor Jamal*

Pastor Jamal leads a church in Lebanon and welcomes refugees into his church. He wants to help those who have lost everything, and share the Good News of Jesus with them. 

“We as Christians are the ambassadors of Christ. Our message for us as believers is to reconcile with God. I would like to try to open the eyes of the brothers and sisters in the rest of the world, to show them we are living in a very special time. We see broken people running away from Islamic extremists. This is the time to show them the real love of Christ. Many have never had the chance to hear the gospel.”

*Name changed for security purposes.

The civil war began in 2011, and since then over four million Syrian people have fled to neighbouring countries - over one million Syrians are in Lebanon. 

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