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Easter attacks on the Church

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On Easter Sunday, 9 April, police raided the morning worship service of Christians in Qarshi, Uzbekistan. They invaded the meeting with brutal force. 10 men were arrested, and others severely beaten.

Church members state that police tortured the believers. “Today police brutally beat David Ibragimov and a few more church members in front of our fellow believers,” they said. “They also used electric shock prods and other implements to incapacitate the brothers and sisters. Church members cried and prayed during those difficult minutes.” Videos show Ibragimov collapsing to the ground and a police officer standing next to him.

Video images show police officers holding one church member, Yokub, round the neck as he was on the ground, and as they put him in a police van.

We are asking supporters to pray, and give in response to these attacks:

Please pray:

  • For those suffering from the attack, that God would be their comfort and peace.
  • For those feeling anger or resentment, that they would trust in the Lord’s justice, vengeance and will.
  • For the church to flourish in this area despite the attacks.
  • For the vulnerable in the Christian community – the church has many deaf brothers and sisters – that they would be cared for and supported despite the persecution.

Please give help our fellow believers as they recover from Easter attacks.
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We believe that no Christian should have to suffer alone. That’s why we are calling on the global body of Christ to stand with the most persecuted followers of Jesus this Easter by remembering the ONE body we are all part of through Prayer, Partaking in communion and Partnership.

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