By Nicole Todd 26 August 2021


Afghanistan is now held by the Taliban. Amidst the heartbreaking news and images we see coming from the country, our prayers are needed now more than ever.

Knowing how to pray in these situations can be hard. Here are 6 ways you can pray with Afghanistan today, and how to pray when you don’t have the words.

1. Please pray for believers in the region. Pray that they find strength, wisdom, and supernatural peace in God’s promises. Pray that believers will receive the pastoral care that they need.

2. Pray for the displaced. A new wave of refugees is expected to come from Afghanistan to many parts of the Middle East and the rest of the world. Pray for God’s protection and provision over them in their journeys.

3. Pray for the women. Many women fear that the Taliban rule would mean they would be stripped of opportunities for education. Women involved in education during the past years could also be at risk – pray for their protection.

4. Pray for the children. Pray for the schools and educational programs, that somehow they will function. And pray that God will preserve the dignity and wellness of the children, by raising up bold, prophetic warriors who will guard children’s safety and fight for their protection from all kinds of abuses.

5. Pray for food to be accessible and affordable. People are struggling right now, because supply chains have broken down – as they are slowly reinitiated, inflation and access is becoming a problem.

6. Pray for health and wellness. There is no certainty as to how the healthcare system will be able to sustain itself with the new Taliban government. Pray that the healthcare system will not collapse. Medicines are in short supply. Pray that clean water continues to run in taps – if water becomes contaminated in the cities, there will be widespread disease and illness.

And what if you run out of words? What if you don’t have enough information to pray?

“Then pray the Bible”, a local friend in the region says.

“Pray for the Esthers, that they can provide protection for the one they love. Pray for the Samuels, who may hear God’s voice calling out to them. Pray that they will say: ‘Here I am, Lord’.

“Pray for Christian Davids, men with a warrior heart. Pray for the Lydias, faithful women serving the church. Pray for the Abrahams leading their families. Pray for the Noahs, Daniels, Ruths, Naomis, Peters, Pauls, Marys and Marthas.

“Pray for each character in the Bible and their Afghan equivalents.

“Pray the Psalms of praise and the Psalms of lament. Pray the desperate words of Job and the comforting words of Jesus on the mount. Pray for visions of Jesus on the cross and visions of Jesus in heaven, welcoming those who have conquered the world.”

Pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. – 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18