By Emily Watt 1 March 2022 1 MIN

India: More Anti-Conversion Laws Introduced

Another Indian state is expected to pass anti-conversion laws. These laws are often used to target religious minorities, including Christians.

The state of Haryana gave the green light for a draft anti-conversion bill. Under the proposed law, anyone who changes their religion must declare it to authorities, stating they were not forced.

An Open Doors spokesperson said, “The lack of proper definition of the offences such as fraud, inducement, and misrepresentation outlined in these laws make it ripe for abuses.

“These laws are being used to target minorities by vigilantes who now have a free pass to act with impunity.”

A strain of religious nationalism equates Hinduism with Indian identity. Minorities, such as Christians, are seen as a threat to national unity.
A petition addressed to India’s president asserts that these anti-conversion laws can be used as a justification for the persecution of minorities.

Will you pray over the situation in India right now?

Pray For India:

  • Pray that Christians will stand firm in their faith despite intense pressure.
  • Pray that God will reach the hearts of Indian authorities, using them as part of His plan.
  • Pray specifically for the state of Haryana. Pray God would be working through the state’s decision-makers.

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