By Open Doors 6 December 2018

Australian Women Deported For Sharing The Gospel

Sydney woman Katie Graham was arrested a month ago in the small Nepalese town of Gularia, not far from the border of India.

She was evangelising with four Nepalese locals who were also arrested for sharing the gospel. District police found Bibles and Christian pamphlets in their possession.

Katie was sent to Kathmandu the day after she was arrested and then kept under house until the following day (15 November 2018); when she was deported from the country. She has been banned from re-entering Nepal for five years.

According to Open Doors local partners, the four Nepali Christians who were arrested along with Katie Graham are still in custody for in-depth investigation and face charges for breaching anti-conversion laws.

The Gospel Is Forbidden

According to an article from an ABC correspondent; Nepal’s Immigration Department director, Bishnu Hari Upadhyay, said the 35-year-old was on a student visa but was engaged in evangelising.

“She breached our immigration act, engaged in conversions, which is strictly prohibited under our laws,” he said.

In October last year, Nepali president Bidhya Devi Bhandari established laws which criminalise religious conversion and the “hurting of religious sentiment”.

Proselytism is a crime in Nepal and carries a punishment of up to five years in prison and a fine of 50,000 Rupees (US$450). In the case of foreigners, the punishment is usually deportation and a banned period from re-entry.

Previous Arrests

In early November, police arrested and deported two Japanese women for doing door-to-door evangelism. In July, a husband and wife from South-East Asia were also deported. They ran a restaurant on a business visa, but were also pastoring a church and evangelising.

Although Nepal declares itself to be a secular nation, Hinduism is the dominant religion and there is rising persecution towards Christians.

Nepal ranks 25 on the 2018 World Watch List of countries most dangerous to follow Jesus.

Please Pray:

  • Pray for Katie, that she will be comforted and at peace throughout this situation.
  • Pray for the persecuted Nepalese Christians who have been punished for sharing their faith.
  • Pray with the church in Nepal. Pray that they will be bold and continue sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

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