By Emily Watt 7 February 2022 1 MIN

Pakistan: Christian Prisoner Released

Pakistan’s Supreme Court has released a Christian man from prison on bail in a landmark decision.

Blasphemy charges are so serious in Pakistan that defendants could receive the death penalty. After 42-year-old Nadeem Samson was arrested with the charge in 2017, his future was uncertain.

After five years of waiting, the recent court decision has released Nadeem back into the community.

“This is a very special judgement,” Nadeem’s lawyer said. “The first time in the Pakistan judicial history.”

Courts in Pakistan are known to regularly dismiss bail appeals by victims of the blasphemy law, especially when the charges made are serious. The decision marks a positive step for Pakistani Christians. But despite Nadeem’s release, his case hasn’t been acquitted. This might take years.

The case and hostility from the community have also driven members of Nadeem’s family into hiding.

Will you take a moment to pray over the situation?

Pray For Pakistan:

  • Praise God for Nadeem’s release. Pray that he will stand firm in faith, no matter what the future holds.
  • Pray that Pakistan’s decision-makers will make wise choices defined by compassion and peace.
  • Pray that other believers imprisoned in Pakistan will be reminded of the Lord’s faithfulness and goodness.

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