A Dedicated Faith

A Christian Response To Ramadan

Between 27 May and 25 June, Muslims all over the world celebrate the month of Ramadan. They dedicate themselves to fasting, prayer and seeking forgiveness. So what happens when people who spend a lifetime seeking god, actually find Him?  

Last year, over 120 groups and churches registered for A Dedicated Faith to see what life is like for Christians in Muslim nations. Through A Dedicated Faith, you can raise prayer and funds to grow the church in the Muslim world.

We’re asking Groups & Churches to



Fast from food for a whole day from sunrise to sunset



Pray five times throughout the day for Muslims to know Jesus, and for Christians at risk in Muslim countries



Share a meal together to fundraise with a Middle Eastern banquet


Use the form below to register for A Dedicated Faith prayer event. 
We will send you a resource pack in the mail closer to the event date.

Get a group together and cover the Muslim world in prayer during Ramadan. Raise funds to equip the church in the Muslim world to share the gospel and grow.