International Day of Prayer

4 November

Pray With The Persecuted Church Worldwide

On 4 November, individuals and groups across Australia will unite in prayer with the persecuted church for International Day of Prayer (IDOP).

We will hear their stories and echo their prayers, praying with them and not for them.

Pray With Them
OD Egypt 2017 2505


"Please do not pray for us. Please pray with us. If you pray for us, you will pray for the wrong things. You will pray that the church will be safe... we ask that we will be bold and clear in sharing our faith." – Egyptian Pastor


Pray With Them


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Meet the persecuted

IDOP Africa

Wasihun & Bachu

“I was totally shocked when my dad was killed in front of me, but God comforted us and told us that He will be the father to each of us.”



“I would not betray Jesus. Despite all the tragedies, he has never disappointed me.”


Pastor Edward

"Christ told us to love our enemies… That's very hard to do with ISIS because what they are doing is very evil and inhumane.”

Pray With Them