Strengthen Christians Who Need It Most

Where would you turn to if you were forced to flee? Who would you turn to?

Christians fleeing persecution are desperate for help as they run for their lives.

They need basic necessities. They need a safe place. They need hope.

Will you give a gift to persecuted Christians in urgent need?

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Rebuild Lives In Asia

2 in 5 Christians in Asia are persecuted for their faith – that’s nearly half.

For these believers, choosing to follow Jesus often means choosing a life without access to essential resources like education, water, medical supplies and a sustainable income.

But you can help Christians in Asia whose faith has cost them everything.

You can provide access to clean water and medical supplies for just $100.

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Smuggle Bibles To Persecuted Christians

Open Doors has been smuggling Bibles into the most dangerous countries, for over 65 years.

Today, you can deliver a Bible to a persecuted Christian for $20.

Become a Bible smuggler today!

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