Strengthen The Church In Algeria

Give A Bible In Algeria For $17

Many believers in Algeria have left Islam to follow Jesus. They face violent persecution from their family and community. Despite this, Christians are sharing the gospel and seeing many Muslims come to know Christ. 

Ibrahim* was a Muslim man from Algeria who came to Christ through a man who told him about Jesus. Ibrahim was forced to choose between his family and his faith.

He said to his children: ‘I love you, I love you, but I love Jesus more.’

Ibrahim’s pastor explained to us what normally happens when Muslims discover Jesus. 

“As soon as they have a Bible, they study the Bible,” he said. “...There is a lot of suffering, especially for those who lose their family.”

A Bible has the ability to transform lives and strengthen Muslim background believers who have lost everything for following Jesus.

Through our local partners, you can support the Algerian church and give a Bible for $17.

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