Building the Church in the Muslim World

Help Muslims Discover Jesus



1. Evangelism

A Christian living on the Arabian Peninsula said “We pray for Muslims to see the truth and receive visions and dreams of Jesus. Each year we hear testimonies of that actually happening. They see Jesus dressed in white clothes.” God is moving in the Muslim world and revealing himself to those who are searching for him. This can happen through dreams, visions and through the witness and evangelism of local Christians. Through our local partners, we are committing to:

– Support 17 evangelist families to share the message of Jesus.

– Provide gifts for evangelists to give to those they visit (this is a local custom, and great opportunity to be a blessing).

When Muslims encounter the love of Jesus, what happens next?


2. Discipleship

There is such a vast number of Muslims coming to Christ and facing persecution for their new faith. In fact we want to see them last the distance and be strengthened in their faith. Through our local partners, we are committing to:

– Train 3,000 pastors on how to disciple Muslim background believers.

– Build a centre for these new believers to come, learn and be cared for.

– Establish a new church of Christian converts, who in time will be bold enough to share Jesus and evangelise to others.

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“I was so thirsty for love. So when I heard about Jesus and his grace and love, I just knew immediately… this is it, this is what I have been looking for.” 
– Iman,* Iranian Believer