Disciple Believers In North Africa

“If this training did not exist, the church would not last over time. This is the mission of the Church, to build people instead of building buildings.”
-Kabil, Christian in North Africa.

In some of the most dangerous places to follow Jesus in North Africa, the influence of Islam is hostile to Christians.

When people come to know Christ, they can be completely cut off from their own families, kicked out of home and shunned from society. They are threatened and pressured to return to their former Muslim faith.

Kabil attended discipleship training after being disowned by his family for his faith in Jesus.

He said, “This course was a blessing for me. Before this, I had moments that I wanted to leave the church. Thanks to this course, my life has changed a lot.”

But the need for discipleship training outweighs the reality of what can currently be delivered. There is a desperate need for new trainers to disciple believers.

Your gift to disciple believers in North Africa will ensure that more trainers provide more believers with training, and ensure the future of the North African church.

Will you give a gift today to disciple believers?