Half Yearly Challenge

Can You Help Us Raise $750,000 To Go Where Most Needed?

This year alone your support has brought much needed funds to the five most difficult countries on the planet to be a Christian. Your funds are already on the ground, building the church and advancing the gospel – thank you!

At this time of year, we always take stock and see where we’re at in meeting our commitment to the persecuted church for 2018.

We currently need to raise $750,000 between now and 30 June to ensure our current projects are fully funded.

Above and beyond this, some of our European bases are being forced by their governments to hold back money from the field, in order to meet increased security obligations. This means there is a shortfall in funding for the persecuted church in some of the most difficult countries to follow Jesus.

1. Can you help us meet our half-yearly commitment of $750,000 from Australia?

2. Can you give "over and above" to help meet the international shortfall?


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