Hope For The Middle East

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Eight years of civil war devastated many Syrian cities. Christians were amongst those forced to flee.

But some have chosen to remain, even amongst violence, inflation and unemployment. They are following Jesus in their homeland, no matter the cost, and seeking to share His love with those around them.

That is why Open Doors, through our local partners, are building 'Centres of Hope', places which provide training and services for those who remain. They distribute food, run youth and children’s activities, teach English, disciple new believers, provide business loans and run marriage and parenting courses among other things. 

By giving to this project, you are strengthening the church, helping them to remain and write their stories of courageous Christianity in two of the most dangerous places to follow Jesus on the planet. 

Hope For The Middle East is part of our Walk To Water fundraiser.

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"The families are perplexed and confused about their future. They are without jobs, their houses are destroyed or damaged. There are so many challenges...

"We need to encourage the Christians to stay in this land." 

— Pastor Abdallah, Aleppo

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“I get this package for myself, my son’s wife and my grandchild. My son was kidnapped five years ago. This really helps us.”

— Abraham receives food packages from the Centre Of Hope in Aleppo.

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