Give Urgent Aid To Christians In India

Would You Put Your Life On The Line To Follow Jesus?

For Christians in India, choosing to follow Jesus could mean choosing a life without access to the things you need the most – food, clean water, medicine, and help in an emergency.

When disaster strikes, many believers have no one to turn to and no way to survive.

Now, as hospitals buckle under the strain of COVID-19, Christians are often the first to be turned away.

But you can help them today.

Your gift of $60 can give emergency aid to Christians who have nowhere else to turn.

Will you help today?

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Help Indian Christians Like Preetha

When Preetha* was attacked by extremists, her injuries sent her to hospital. In hospital, the doctors said they wouldn’t treat her because of her Christian faith.

Preetha was essentially left to die.

Your gift of $60 can give emergency aid to Christians like Preetha, who have no where else to turn. Thank you for your generosity!

*Name changed for security purposes.

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