Will You Be Part of The Next Wave Of Bible Smugglers?

Today, you can smuggle a bible for just $20

In one night, 40 years ago, Open Doors smuggled one million Bibles into China. It was the most successful Bible smuggle of the 20th Century and China has never been the same. Now, 40 years later, we need your help to spread the Word again. 

Bible smuggling might look a bit different, but the risks remain the same. In some countries, being found in possession of a Bible could cost you your life.

But Jesus is worth it, no matter the cost.

We want to see the Word of God reach the hands of every Christian, even in the most dangerous places. In prison camps, war zones and countries closed to the gospel.

$20 can smuggle one Bible to a believer in need.

Give A Bible for $20

$20 can smuggle one Bible...

Into the hands of a secret, underground church leader.  
To a child living as a refugee in a war-torn nation. 
For a Muslim in the Middle East, seeking the truth about Jesus.

Imagine reaching 5,000 people with a Bible each.

How Many Bibles Will You Smuggle?

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