Your Tax Return Changes Lives

Help people follow Jesus all over the world, no matter the cost.

When Wahid became a Christian in Iran, he was immediately persecuted for his faith.

“My father rejected me, and I was denied a job because I wouldn’t sign a form stating that I was a Muslim,” Wahid said.

“One day when I went to church, I got a threatening call from the government. After that I always had a sense of being followed, and my phone tapped.”

During a secret church service, authorities forced their way into the house. They arrested 25 believers and threw them in prison, where the cell was so crowded that they had to sleep standing up.

The cost for following Jesus is only increasing.

Would you consider sharing your tax return with the persecuted body of Christ, to help them follow Jesus no matter the cost?

Your support will help change lives for Christians like Wahid, who attended trauma care sessions and leadership training run by Open Doors’ local partners.

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