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"I am so happy because I know that I am not alone and that other believers out there are praying for me."
- Mercy James, Nigeria

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Writing Campaign

Encourage a Martyr's Family

Eunice Elisha was the assistant pastor of the a local church in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory. Eunice and her husband, Pastor Olowale, had been married for sixteen years and had seven young children. 

Early in the morning on 6 July 2016, the 42-year-old woman was attacked and murdered while preaching the gospel in the middle of the street. Eunice became a martyr for her faith, leaving behind a family in desperate need of comfort and prayer. Her husband shares, “My wife died preaching the gospel. She lived to preach the gospel.” Eunice’s story was shared in our January magazine, The Book Of Acts edition. You can read her full story here on our blog.

You can write to encourage Eunice’s husband and seven children as they grieve and continue living their faith without her.

Please send cards and letters by 30 June to Open Doors Australia, 11/10 Gladstone Rd, Castle Hill, 2154

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Prayer Points

Please Pray For This Family

Pray for comfort for the church congregation and family, that no one retaliates out of anger but can be filled with God’s peace and love.

Pray for Olowale (pictured), that he is able to earn an income to provide for his seven children, and that the community provides the extra support he needs.

Pray for her attackers. Pray that their hearts will be softened and their eyes opened to God and His love.

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Writing Guidelines

  • Print clearly in English
  • Be brief and encouraging
  • Include 1–2 Bible verses
  • Provide your name and country (not your full address)
  • It is best to send greeting cards, artwork from children and postcards (send postcards in an envelope, do not write Open Doors' address on the postcard)
  • Please don't mention Open Doors
  • Don't send money
  • Please don't criticise a country or make proposals to help


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