You Can Make A Difference For Pastor Koh & Others Missing In Malaysia

This is your opportunity to stand alongside Pastor Raymond Koh, who was kidnapped over a year ago, and three other abducted Christians.

A police whistle-blower came forward indicating that Pastor Koh and one of the others were taken by the Special Branch of the Malaysian police. Would you ask the new Malaysian government to investigate the disappearance of Pastor Koh, and the three other abducted Christians?

We’re Asking You To:

  1. Download and print this letter.
  2. Write your name and country (don’t write your address, don’t mention Open Doors).
  3. Send your signed letter to us at: 11/10 Gladstone Road, Castle Hill NSW 2154 or email a scanned copy to

Please pray for Pastor Koh, the other abducted Christians and their families. You can sign up to stay updated with this campaign.

Image above: Susanna Koh talking with supporters during a candlelight vigil for her husband. 

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Encourage Zita From Cameroon

Zita had a Muslim father and a Christian mother. There was a lot of pressure from her Muslim relatives and Zita’s mother was eventually forced to give her up. Not long after, Zita’s mother died.

A year later her father also passed away. From then on Zita was passed back and forth between Christian and Muslim relatives. 

When she decided to follow Jesus at the age of 12, Zita experienced severe persecution. Her Muslim family regularly beat her and threatened to kill Zita if she didn’t convert to Islam.

Zita is now 15, and living in the care of a Christian family. She is still too afraid to go out after dark, and battles with recurring stomach aches. Doctors are yet to pin point the cause. Your support helped us provide relief aid for Zita.

“Temptation and persecution will come,” Zita said. “But God will give me the strength and I will never leave His way.”

We want to invite you to write a note of encouragement to Zita.

Please send cards and letters by 30 June to Open Doors Australia, 11/10 Gladstone Rd, Castle Hill, 2154

Cameroon 2017 0270101745

Writing Guidelines

  • Print clearly in English
  • Be brief and encouraging
  • Provide your name and country (not your full address)
  • It is best to send greeting cards, artwork from children and postcards (send postcards in an envelope, do not write Open Doors' address on the postcard)
  • Please don't mention Open Doors
  • Don't send money
  • Please don't criticise a country or make proposals to help


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"I am so happy because I know that I am not alone and that other believers out there are praying for me."

– Mercy James, Nigeria