4 Tips From House Churches Around The World

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By Emily Watt | 31 March 2020

In seasons of instability and uncertainty, the persecuted church are the perfect mentors for our faith. Across the world, persecution has driven churches into homes and online, yet generations of bold and faithful followers have emerged. Their lessons of courageous Christianity teach us how we can follow Jesus as the one body of Christ, no matter the season.

China | Value One Another

Coming together as the body of Christ, in any form, is an essential part of a believer’s walk with Christ. One Chinese believer, Ruby*, learnt firsthand what it means to gather in fellowship while under governmental pressure.

“The local authorities monitor religious activities here very tightly, so we have to be very cautious when we meet. At the very least, we should not make any noise. We would be in trouble if a neighbour reports our meeting to authorities.

“But the good thing is that we are still able to connect with some brothers and sisters.”

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Image: Women’s home church, Egypt. 

Middle East | Meet Panic With Peace

In the Middle East, conflict and heavy monitoring from authorities have pushed churches into secret house gatherings. But in the chaos and disorder, Middle Eastern believers have learnt what it means to meet panic with peace.

“Believers just want to connect,” house church host, Suri* said. “The work I do is so important. People are searching for answers everywhere. They seek God, as only with Him do they feel the peace they’ve been searching for.”

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Image: Families meeting at a house church in the Middle East. 

North Africa | Fight The Good Fight

For believers throughout North Africa, strict laws and threats of violence have given rise to an underground house church movement.

“We must fight,” said Marwan*, a secret house church member. “The one who has seen the light will never return to darkness. I see it as a God-given task to press on. God created us for eternity, for paradise. When you become a Christian, you are given a task. We see the church growing and this encourages us greatly.”

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Image: People leaving and attending a house church in North Africa. 

Yemen | Follow In Christ’s Footsteps

In Yemen, to become Christian is viewed as a betrayal of the family and tribe. These external views force churches to seek safety by meeting in secret. Food shortages and civil war add additional pressure to Christians who struggle to reach one another.

Secret believer, Mohammad*, said, “We were always challenged, getting our daily food, finding work, surviving in a war situation.

“But for God, nothing is impossible. Christ said that whoever wants to follow Him needs to take up his cross and follow Him. That means we need to follow Him even if it costs us everything.”

*Names changed for security purposes.

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