6 Ways We Are Helping In Syria

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14 March 2017

We have been partnering with the local church in the Middle East for almost 30 years and have seen great need there. Almost 5 million people have fled Syria, including one million Christians. Many believers are also internally displaced in Syria. 

We want to do more than just provide emergency relief. At Open Doors, our long-term goal is to support the Church in order to strengthen what remains (Revelation 3:2).

Here are just 6 of the ways we are working with the local church, to provide for over 12,000 families in Syria.

1. Food/Relief packs


Many people who have fled their homes with nothing. With limited work available, Open Doors is working with a wide variety of denominations to provide food parcels and hygiene baskets to around 50,000 people, each month. 

2. Trauma Care 

6ways trauma

Seeing the horrors of war can take a huge emotional toll on people and their mental health. Through trauma care training, local church leaders and caretakers are equipped to better recognise trauma. People are able to receive the care we receive the care they need to go on. Many will need trauma support for the rest of their lives. 

3. Income Generation 

6ways jobs 

Through our local partners, we want to give people a hope for the future. Job creation, micro-loans and entrepreneurial training are all part of seeing people restored and able to provide for their families. Open Doors was recently able to invest in a new furniture factory, a pharmacy and a well with clean drinking water in Syria.

4. Pastoral Care 

6ways pastoral 

Men and women from local churches are showing Christ’s love in action. These people also need care so they do not experience burn-out and can deal with the trauma they are exposed to.

5. Medical Clinics  

6ways medical 

Many people do not have access to basic medical treatment. Open Doors is supporting clinics for people who need medical attention. 

6. Literature Distribution 

6ways bibles 

Of all the items that can get left behind in the chaos, bibles can be among them. Open Doors provides bibles and other Christian literature including children’s bibles to believers. We believe a relationship with Christ is the only eternal solution and want to empower the church to be a light in a time of such darkness.