A New Hope For Children

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By Nicole Todd | 20 November 2019

In the most dangerous places in the world to follow Jesus, children are often persecuted for their family’s faith before they are even old enough to understand it.

The 20 November is Universal Children’s Day, a day promoting children’s wellbeing, children’s rights and working towards building a better future for the next generation.

You can choose a Children's Ministry Gift Of Hope this Christmas that supports children by giving them access to education, the Bible, and teaches them how to follow Jesus no matter the cost.

Building A Better Future

Our local partners in Syria have established Centres of Hope, that provide food, training and support for families hit hardest by war.

CentresHope 5
Image: Children at Sunday School at a Centre of Hope.

Many of these centres run programs for children affected by conflict, and give them new opportunities, discipleship and encouragement.

Children also get the opportunity to play organised sports outside – something that they missed out on during heightened times of war.

“The children forgot how to play in freedom and safety, so we thought that if we could get them to the courts, reintroduce them to sports, and try to make them feel safe in an open environment… their lives could change, and their futures could change,” said one of the organisers.

The program has attracted over 500 boys and girls of all ages, with the intention of having 1,500 involved by next year.

The children are taught that building spiritual muscles is as important as building physical ones. They also receive their own illustrated Bible.

CentresHope 1
Image: Boys reading a Children's Bible.

Learning For Life

“The war had big consequences for us,” said Shadi* who runs a school at a Centre of Hope.

“We saw the number of children attending our school go down from 550 to about 40. We saw the children themselves changing because of the war; it traumatised them.”

Because of the war, many children are behind in their education. To help them catch up, the school now offers extra afternoon classes with qualified Christian teachers.

CentresHope 4
Image: Children in an English Class at a Centre of Hope.

“Several of our children missed four, even five years of school,” said one of the teachers. “Some children feel that they’re abnormal because they cannot read or write... It’s so important to show them that there are many more their age who missed a lot, and that their struggle is completely normal.

“We see the children respond to the extra lessons beyond our expectations. But what even makes me more thankful is to see how some children are now smiling again, how they were healed of some of the trauma that the war caused.”

When children are allowed to learn, grow and reach their full potential, the future looks hopeful.

All over the world, your generosity can help children grow up strong in their faith and instil in them a passion to share Jesus.

When the next generation of faith leaders is strong, the future looks bright.

Give hope through the gift of Children's Ministry, this Christmas


Give Hope Through The Gift Of Children's Ministry This Christmas

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