Bibles in High Demand in Iraq

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Image: Bible delivery to northern Iraq.
By Beth Westwood | 16 November 2017

In 2017, your support meant our local partners could distribute more than 50,000 bibles and christian literature to Iraqi Christians.

Many Christian families who lived on the Nineveh Plains were forced to flee the Islamic State in 2014 and had to leave behind Christian books and Bibles.


Image: Children lining up to receive their very own Children's Bible.

“The demand for Bibles and other Christian materials is still high,” Sajjad*, one of our local contacts said.

“The purpose of distributing these books is that children and youth will understand better what God has to tell them in the Bible. We also train teachers and Sunday school volunteers.”

Image: Teenagers receive their own Bible and other Christian books.

Saijad has been driving his minivan from village to village and giving out Bibles and colouring books to Sunday schools. Most of the children receiving them have never read the Bible for themselves.

“God told me in a dream that He wanted me to go and work in Bible distribution,” Saijad said. “My dream is that, within fifteen years, the seeds will have grown up and these children will be mature believers and have a living relationship with Christ. 

Father Farid is one of the Church leaders who receives Bibles and Christian literature for his Sunday school. He comes from a community full of poverty and really struggling with the lack of Christian materials.


Image: Father Farid talking to children and teenagers during the Bible distribution.

“We already give them Bible lessons. Because these books offer the same stories but with pictures, the children understand them better,” he said. “We really appreciate the books for the children. After they have received them, we take some time to pray with the children for your organisation.” 

“These books help me understand what Jesus did on earth before he was crucified,” said Dani, a 13-year-old who received Bible materials. “He helped the children, He healed the sick, and He made the blind see.”

“Please realise that the materials we hand out have value in God’s Kingdom,” said Saijad. “Please pray for God to continue to bless these activities, for His Word to take root in the lives of these children.”


Praise God for Saijad and our other local partners who are willing to risk their lives to spread the gospel. Pray for Bibles to get in the hands of those who need it most, and bring many unbelievers to Christ.

*Name changed for security purposes.

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