Boko Haram Set Fire To Her Village

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By Beth Westwood | 10 August 2017

Rhoda and her family were quite well-off in Yobe, northern Nigeria. Their farm produced enough to provide for their family and those they employed, until Boko Haram set fire to their village, destroying homes and farm land. Rhoda’s father was inside their home during the attack. He died a few weeks later from his injuries.

As the oldest of seven, the responsibility of providing for the family fell on Rhoda’s shoulders. She was only in her twenties.

“Life has not been easy for us. Things are very, very difficult now,” she said. “Some organisations did bring help to people, but the Muslims just shared it among themselves.”

Rhoda From Nigeria

When Boko Haram attacked Rhoda's village, her father was killed, leaving Rhoda to care for her siblings. But your help has made a difference! Read Rhoda's st...

Daniel is a pastor volunteering at one of the food distribution locations. “People are pushed out of their farms for fear of being attacked on the farm.” He said. “Now we are seeing social boycotts, simply because when relief materials are purchased, Christians hardly benefit.”

At the church compound in Yobe, Rhoda lined up with thousands of others. Many were worried and tired, some women even fainted in the heat. Security guards scanned the crowd, looking for anyone who might be associated with Boko Haram. They’re constantly aware of the danger. Two camps had already been attacked.

Rhoda 1
Image: Rhoda receiving a food pack for her family

When Rhoda received food for her family, she couldn’t help but cry and hug the nearest worker. “When God says: ‘Never will I leave you nor forsake you,’ he was talking to me. Who am I that you send help to me? I am speechless. You are indeed angels sent by God to wipe my tears away.”

The relief aid also helped Rhoda to start thinking differently about her response to Muslims who persecuted her and denied her access to food aid in the past.

“It is true that even in the heat of the crisis, gunshots and persecution, Christians could still show love. I hated Muslims and swore never to help them even if they are at the point of death, because they always deny us any support. But this support I received through Open Doors is unconditional and it has helped me to alter my hatred for Muslims. I have found a new perspective.”

Rhoda 2
Image: Rhoda cooking in her home

Christians in Nigeria have been receiving the emergency food relief they so desperately need. Because of your help, 15,000 families who lost everything when Boko Haram attacked are receiving food packs.

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