Four Answered Prayers From North Korea

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By Beth Westwood | 14 June 2018

Many of our supporters have been praying faithfully for the persecuted church for years. 

We wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your commitment to the suffering church by sharing some of the ways your prayers have been answered.

Here are four answered prayers from the church in North Korea.

1. For The First Time Since 1950, Peace Is Possible 

China 1980 0380009277
Image: North Korean border guards on the Yalu Border River.

Open Doors started a worldwide prayer campaign for North Korea and we regularly asked for prayer for secret believers there. From day one we asked that God bring peace, stability and ultimately unification between North and South to the Korean Peninsula. 

In April, Kim Jong-Un and President Moon signed a declaration that committed the two countries to denuclearisation and talks to bring a formal end to the 72-year-old conflict. It was the first time leaders from the two countries had met in 10 years.

God caught all of us by surprise and whilst it is still unclear whether peace talks will go ahead, we will continue to pray for a future of peace and that North and South will be united.

2. Three American Prisoners Released 

Image: Released North Korean hostages Kim Hak-song, Kim Dong-chul and Tony Kim. Source: REUTERS, AFP

In May 2018, North Korea released American prisoners Kim Dong-chul, Kim Hak-song and Tony Kim. Many Christians around the world had been praying for their freedom.

Over 50,000 believers continue to remain imprisoned for their faith. We continue to pray that North Korean believers will walk free from labour camps, that churches will be re-opened and Christ can be worshipped in freedom.

3. The Survival Of The Local Church

North+Korea 2015 100100322
Image: Life in North Korea.

Before the Korean War (1950-53) there were a few hundred thousand Christians. A couple of years after the war there was no visible sign that there ever had been a Church in the country. 

A small portion of believers were able to hide their faith and avoid arrest. Despite the risks and challenges, they were able to share their faith with the next generations. Rarely do we hear stories about Christians renouncing their faith in Jesus, even when they are faced with death. Continue to lift up those who risk their lives for the gospel.

4. The Holy Spirit Is At Work In Prisons

North+Korea 2009 00400029761
Image: A North Korean prison at Dandong.

We often hear about North Koreans making the decision to follow Jesus whilst they are in prison. 

Many North Koreans are imprisoned because they tried to flee to China. Behind bars, they meet Christians in prison for their faith and are deeply touched by their sense of peace. 

For those who successfully escape to China, they’re often supported by Christians. Many decided to become followers of Jesus.

Your Prayers Make A Difference

Mexico 2015 280100545
Image: Youth from a church in Mexico raising support for the North Korean church. You are joining with believers worldwide!

Thank you for faithfully praying for the persecuted church across the world. 

Since prayer is a core part of what we do at Open Doors, this June we want to encourage people across Australia to continue to pray with the persecuted church.

Our team will also be praying for the hundreds of people in Australia and New Zealand who choose to stand with their persecuted brothers and sisters both financially and in prayer.

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