From Muslim Sheikh To Secret Believer

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By Beth Westwood | 10 May 2018

"I kept it a secret for ten years, but in 2016... I formally declared myself to be a Christian. The news quickly spread and I immediately started getting threats."

Hussein is 68 and from Uganda. He’s been a Muslim sheikh and leader of a mosque for most of his adult life. But in 2006 the questions he had about his faith came to a head. After hearing teaching about Jesus at a Muslim/Christian dialogue meeting, he secretly chose to become a Christian. 

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In 2016, after 10 years of secrecy, he revealed his faith. Since then Hussein has faced death threats, kidnapping attempts and more. 

"In July 2017, I offered my land to build a church," Hussein said. "When the community got wind of this, they threatened to burn the pastor's vehicles… Three young men dressed in a black with their faces covered came looking for me. They told my wife they wanted Bibles and heard that they could get them from me."

"My wife was suspicious and did not tell them where I was. We later learned that the young men had been sent to kidnap and kill me for apostasy… I sent my wife and children to live with my in-laws while I fled to a nearby refugee camp."

"No matter what I am going through now, I know God is in control. Although my life may be in danger, I know my life is secure in God's hands."

"Although I am old and have lost everything after clan leaders took my land, I have hope. I also know that the best gift I will ever give my Muslim family and friends is the Bible... Please Christian brothers in the Lord Jesus Christ, remember me in your prayers."

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Image: Teaching leaders in Uganda to disciple new believers.

Hussein is being cared for by a pastor who has received training in discipleship from Open Doors, including how to care for new believers.

Thank the Lord for his faithfulness in caring for Hussein. Pray for the Lord’s protection over him and his pastor and that the Lord will use both of them to spread the gospel in Uganda.

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