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By Nicole Todd | 7 November 2019

Children of the persecuted church are particularly vulnerable. In many countries, children of Christian families are forced to keep their faith secret, or face the threat of discrimination, attacks, or even losing their lives.

Open Doors aims to share the love of Jesus with children through Knot Forgotten crocheted toys, reminding them that they are not forgotten. To date, we’ve delivered over 2,000 handmade toys to children of the persecuted church in places like the Middle East and Central Asia.

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Image: A child from Central Asia receives a handmade goat.

Madison Boyd, Knot Forgotten Coordinator, said, “Knot Forgotten is a unique way of connecting people with the persecuted church – through crochet! Our community of over 500 people around the world make the toys that we deliver to bring joy to children and remind them that they are not forgotten.”

Gifts Of Hope

Last year, Knot Forgotten launched its first ever Gifts Of Hope toys. These handmade toys could be given to a child in your life, with Knot Forgotten matching every toy sold with a toy for a child in a persecuted nation.

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Image: Children receive matching toys from last year's Gifts Of Hope.

Matching toys were hand-delivered in Central Asia, in a country where many children grow up in immense poverty and it is illegal to share the gospel with anyone under the age of 16.

Beth, an Open Doors staff member who delivered some of these Gifts Of Hope toys, said, “We had the privilege of handing out toys to children who were living in a safe house in Central Asia. Their mothers used to work as prostitutes and lived in extreme poverty.

“Many of the women had found hope and healing in Jesus and were now learning how to follow Him in a place where it’s extremely difficult to be a Christian. Handing out the toys to children who had so little was incredibly humbling. The handmade toys filled the room with colour, bringing joy to the children of the persecuted church.”

Bring Joy This Christmas

This Christmas, you can make a difference for children of the persecuted church by choosing a Knot Forgotten Gift Of Hope. You’ll receive a limited-edition handmade toy to give to a child in your life, and Knot Forgotten will give a matching toy to a child of the persecuted church.

You’ll also receive a special storybook about what life and church is like for children of the persecuted church.

Image: Gifts Of Hope toys.

You can choose between this year’s limited-edition designs - a reindeer or a pelican. We even have a limited number of goats left from last year if you act quickly!

This gift is a wonderfully tangible way to teach children about giving while also making sure they still have something to love themselves.

Bring joy to a child in your life this Christmas – and remind a child of the persecuted church that they are not forgotten.

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