Hope Looks Like A Bible

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Image: Bible delivery among refugees in Jordan. Photo: Jan Pieter Meijer
By Beth Westwood | 15 November 2017

The word of God has the power to transform the life of any man, woman or child.

Brother Andrew, founded Open Doors on the belief that every door is open to go and share the gospel. That is why we continue to deliver the word of God into some of the most dangerous places worldwide.

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Image: Bible distribution in Central Asia

But many Christians still don’t have a Bible of their own. In the Persian speaking world, getting a Bible in the local language is forbidden and scarce.

Peyman* delivers Bibles with Open Doors and risks his life to get the word of God into the hands of desperate believers. “Some groups I delivered Bibles to had already begun copying them by hand because all were eager to have their own personal copy,” he said.

Ava* was part of a local church that didn't have access to the Bible. She met Peyman at a local market, and began sharing the gospel with him. When Peyman told her he was a Christian, Ava shared about her church’s need for the gospel.

“I was astonished to find out this group of believers had no biblical material at all,” Peyman said.

Persian speaking Christians usually have to wait years to receive a Bible in their language. It’s essential to discipling believers, encouraging them to grow in their faith and stay in a relationship with Jesus even when persecution comes. With the help of Open Doors, Peyman was able to send Ava and her church a large number of Bibles in their local language.

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