Hope looks like Pastors on motorbikes

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By Beth Westwood | 2 November 2017

Missionaries and pastors travel long distances to share the gospel with the indigenous people in their area. Often having to deal with insults, attacks and thieves along the way.

Open Doors recently visited missionaries and pastors in Chad to bring encouragement and to deliver much needed support for their important work in the form of motorcycles. Evangelising became so much easier for Pastor Barka.

“I have to travel up to 500km for ministry and I usually get stuck,” he said. “But now, I no longer have that problem! I am really grateful for the timely support of this motorbike in my work to plant churches among the indigenous people!”

Chad bikes2
Image: Three pastors working in Chad receive motorbikes from Open Doors

Pastor Jonas also recently started working in the area. But his ministry came to a halt when his bike was stolen.

“They got into my house and stole the motorbike and took my solar panels. I was really troubled and worried about it. But then Open Doors came to support us in our mission.” he said.

Pastor Jonas also said every day they experience persecution for sharing the gospel. People throw rocks at their homes, and even threaten them if they enrol their children in a Christian school.

“Now God has put the devil to shame.” he said. “God always surprises His servants! I am so happy and relieved all at the same time. May God bless you!"

“This motorbike will greatly help me reach out to people in my area, who, up till now, have not heard or understood the gospel… It’s not for me but for the mission God has entrusted to me.” 

Image: Bicycles for rural pastors and evangelists in Bangladesh

Pray that the Lord will guide and protect these missionaries, and that he will give them the wisdom they need every day as they share the gospel. Also pray that God will touch the hearts of the local indigenous people and they will be open to his word.

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