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By Beth Westwood | 7 November 2017

In some parts of the world following Jesus can cost your life. When Abebu’s husband gave his life to Christ, they began receiving threats from members of their community in Ethiopia.

“Initially we didn’t take it too serious but I started feeling uneasy after a while,” Abebu said. Her husband would wake her up in the middle of the night to pray with him, as he feared for their family.

One day a man approached her husband as he was walking home from church. Witnesses told police they heard gunshots. Her husband was found dead and his killer sentenced to a mere eight years in jail.

Abebu was left alone to care for her five sons, two daughters and an unborn baby. Her children had to go to school with the children of their dads killer, who would provoke and attack them. Abebu also continued to receive death threats from the murderer from prison.

Image: Abebu with her children.

Your support meant we were able to help her start co-farming with her neighbours, and provide for their immediate needs until their crops produced an income. The family was also relocated to a safer place. “I didn’t know I had a loving family who are concerned for us,” Abebu said.

She went to a program run by Open Doors for widows to find support and recover.

“I was healed from my troubles when I first received the support to my family. But this time [I met the other women] the healing was from inside.”

Image: Abebu’s faith has sustained her.

Thank the Lord for his protection over them, and for peace and comfort. Your help means we can continue supporting families who have lost a loved one because of their faith.

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