Iraq: Noeh is back at school

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Image: Noeh studying physics in class.
By Emma Rogers | 23 November 2017

Earlier this year we shared Noeh’s story.

Because of the Islamic State, he was forced to flee his home in Karamles (on the Nineveh Plains in northern Iraq). When we shared his story, the 12-year-old was looking forward to returning home after Islamic State was defeated in northern Iraq. 

When he first returned home, everything was in ruins; his home, his school, the local church. Noeh showed us around Karamles and told us that he wanted to return home, “My dream is to live in Karamles again… I am not afraid to live here again because the Holy Spirit makes me strong.”

Praise God - after months of rebuilding, and because of your support, Karamles is starting to be rebuilt.

In early November we received photos of Noeh and his classmates back at school!

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The local church is also in the process of being rebuilt. Father Thabet, leader of the local church, runs a Return Center for people wanting to return home. Life is beginning to return to normal for Christians in Karamles. 

You are helping rebuild the church in Iraq. Thank you, your help makes a difference.

Rebuilding Karamles, Iraq

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