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Image: Sydney FC Striker Bobô is standing One With Them.
By Kaitlyn Betts | 8 March 2018
One With Them is a movement of Christians uniting in solidarity for the persecuted church. Our ambassadors are pledging one day’s wage for the survival of the church in places where it’s hardest to follow Jesus.
They’re pastors, leaders, artists and influencers. They’re asking the Australian church to stir up a passion in their heart for the global body of Christ by joining Open Doors and standing One With Them. 

Meet our Ambassadors:

Mark & Darlene Zschech
Pastors, HopeUC

Darlene Mark

Mark and Darlene Zschech are the senior pastors of Hope Unlimited Church (HopeUC) on the NSW Central Coast. They have a passion for the church and exist to see the hope of Jesus Christ reside in every heart. Darlene is admired all over the world as a composer and worship leader, particularly for her involvement in the music from Hillsong Church over many years.

With their passion of pointing people to Jesus in everything they do, Mark and Darlene are coming alongside Open Doors for One With Them.

“Open Doors provides a unique way for us to reach parts of the world that would be otherwise impossible, while inspiring our home church to a deeper level of faith in Jesus.”


Banning Liebscher
Founder & Pastor, Jesus Culture


Banning Liebscher is the founder of the Jesus Culture movement and lead pastor of Jesus Culture church in California, USA. Jesus Culture was born from a dream in Banning’s heart to raise a generation to love and serve the Lord by disciplining nations. Today, it is a global movement, awakening hearts to worship and demonstrate the love and power of God wherever they go.

Banning is partnering with Open Doors for One With Them to see the global church motivated to support the persecuted church. View Banning's ambassador video.

“It is important for the church, especially in the Western world, to not only be aware of but be moved to action for the persecuted church around the world. One With Them is mobilising the church to stand with the persecuted church by giving one day’s wages. Together we can make a difference and a significant impact.”

Bobô & Raquel
Sydney FC Striker


Raquel and Bobô live in Sydney, Australia, after moving from Turkey when Bobô signed with the A-league. In his first season, he led Sydney FC to win their first premiership since 2009. This season, he also became the second player in A-league history to score back to back hat-tricks.

Supporting persecuted Christians is close to their heart. This Easter, Bobô and Raquel are partnering with Open Doors as ambassadors for One With Them. Read more about their story.

“It makes me feel great. It makes me feel like I can help. I feel like I can do my part in the body [of Christ]. I think that is the most important thing.”

Steve Chong
Founding Director of the RICE Movement


Steve Chong is the founder of the RICE Movement, Australia’s largest Asian youth movement. The RICE Movement is passionate about seeing a generation renewed in their faith to evangelise to the world.

In 2016, Steve and his wife Naomi travelled to the Middle East with Open Doors where they spent time with Christians 10 kilometres from the Islamic State frontline. On this trip, Steve said he found a church that was awake, alive, bold and resilient despite the daily suffering they face.

“If you let it, the persecuted church will have a transformative effect on your faith. Take hold of whatever it looks like to step towards the persecuted church and I promise you, there is blessing to be found there. It’s a privilege to say I’m standing One With Them.”

Chris Sebastian
Singer & Songwriter


Chris Sebastian found his voice and love for music at a very young age. He became infatuated by sounds and melodies - and being able to form a song from a simple thought. Today, he has refined his songwriting skill alongside some of the best in the music industry and released his debut EP Runaway in 2016.

Driven by his love for Jesus, Chris is coming alongside Open Doors as an ambassador for One With Them. View Chris' ambassador video.

“I remember hearing about [the persecuted church] and feeling so broken by the fact that… we can do our lives, we can do church, we can live out our faith with no trouble. But there are people who are just exercising their love for Christ…and they are being persecuted for it, they are being punished and in many places it is illegal. It just breaks my heart.”

Josh Hawkins
Minister & Comedian, Hi Josh


Josh Hawkins is probably best known as a comedian who came to fame after his videos went viral. His most popular were videos where he perfectly landed objects he threw over his shoulder, and his “How to speak Australian” video which has over 7 million views!

What many people may not know is that Josh is also a pastor at a church in Sydney. It’s Josh’s love for Jesus and for people that drives him to support the persecuted church.

“I’m supporting the persecuted church… because this is my extended Church family, they are also my heroes because they are following Jesus in the face of possible persecution! We have such different lives, but the same God and so I want to support them in praying for them continually.”

Susanna April


Susanna April is a Brisbane-based artist and designer who uses her art to speak life and the love of Jesus. Her art is a beautiful example of God working and speaking through her creativity.

Since spending time in the Middle East and Africa, the persecuted church has been close to her heart. She is a champion of the faith and has a heart to see others passionate about Jesus and supporting the persecuted bride.

“We often pray for the persecuted church at our prayer nights and the Middle East is super close to my heart. Couldn’t think of a better organisation to partner with!”


Justine Shapiro
Knot Forgotten


Justine Shapiro is passionate about Jesus and seeing the love and hope that is found in him shared through the simple act of giving displaced children around the world a handmade toy. She heads up Knot Forgotten, a global crochet toy movement organised by Open Doors, with the mission to connect the worldwide crochet community.

Her mission is to share Jesus’ love with displaced children around the world through hand-made toys.

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