Not Just Another Water Pump

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By Beth Westwood | 10 July 2017

Through Walk to Water, we’re partnering with Christian communities in Northern Nigeria to improve lives. You are bringing clean water, education, health to empower those who need it most!

Walk to Water is an Open Doors fundraiser to bring hope and practical support to Christians in Africa.

So Why Water Pumps?

In Northern Nigeria, Christians are persecuted for their faith in Jesus. Twelve states are governed by Islamic Sharia law, making life hard for people who follow Jesus. Christians can be blocked or pushed to the back of the line when receiving basic needs, including access to clean water, medical clinics and schools.

This means women like Gloria* have to walk over 3km a day, carrying 20kg water containers home on their backs. How would your day look if you had to walk that far for clean water? Most of us wouldn’t have time to work, run a business or go to school.

Clean Water Changes Everything

Because of your help, we were able to drill boreholes in Christian communities–including Gloria’s! 

Before this, Gloria had to get water from murky streams. Each time she risked getting typhoid or other water-borne diseases.

“We didn’t have clean water to drink or to even cook with,” said Gloria. “But now we are able to get clean water. I have no words to say other than a simple thank you!”

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Images: Gloria collects and cooks with water from a borehole drilled by Open Doors.

You’re giving more than just another Water Pump

Gloria and over 100 other families are using these boreholes every day. Because of your partnership, many have come to know Christ and have been encouraged in their faith. Even some who had walked away from God in their suffering have now recommitted their lives to the Lord.

You’re not just providing water, you’re changing people’s lives.

Thank you for partnering with Open Doors to make a difference for Christians living in Nigeria!

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