Palm Sunday Widow, "He thought he would soon be among the martyrs in heaven"

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By Open Doors Field Worker | 13 April 2017

On Palm Sunday, two churches were attacked in Egypt. Michael Nabil Ragheb, father of a 3-year-old and deacon in Saint George church in Tanta, was one of them. His widow, Sara, shares about the day of the attacks and her late husband's faith in Jesus.

“This is doomsday,” - that's what Sara thought when she heard a blast during her church service, and everything turned dark.

egyptian wdiow

“Michael had sensed that something like this was going to happen."

"The day before, our daughter’s third birthday, he told us he thought he would soon be among the martyrs in heaven. He also told me and my daughter that he would be missing us.”

The premonition led Michael to ask his wife and daughter to sit at the back of the church, instead of close to him at the front of the church.

“I was a bit surprised about that,” Sara tells us. “But looking back, I know that it was God’s will.”

After leaving his family on the last bench of the church, Michael put on his deacon rope and went to the front of the church, where he was in charge of the singing that day. “He asked me to wait for him after the service. But he never came back.”

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“It was about ten past 9; it was in the middle of the mass. All of the sudden, I heard the sound of a big explosion, the church shook like there was an earthquake going on. The smoke filled the church, and it became dark while I heard people screaming. I was screaming, too. I was screaming my husband's name and rushed to the place of the deacon choir, where I hoped to find him alive.”

It is difficult for Sara to continue her story. “What I saw on my way to him was horrible, like a massacre had just taken place. The bodies of dead church members and even body parts were scattered among pools of blood. Then I saw my husband. I was in shock. He was just lying there, in a pool of blood like the others. Gone to heaven like he had sensed would happen.”

Sara and Michael had been married for four years. Sara and her three-year-old daughter Priscilla will have to continue their lives without their beloved husband and father. “I loved him so much,” Sara says. She sees it as a sacrifice for Christ, but not one she has to deal with without Him, “Despite everything, God has put comfort, peace and great grace in my heart.”

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Sara knows her husband is the presence of the One he loved most. “My husband lived a life of heaven on earth. He was always praying and reading the Bible. I am happy for him. He is in a good place now- in Heaven- in front of the throne of grace. He is there with Jesus.”

Please share this and continue to pray for Christians in Egypt.