Project Update: This Is What A Borehole Looks Like

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By Anne Burrows, Emma Rogers | 17 November 2017

You are giving Christians in Nigeria access to clean water!

In September this year, 88 groups across Australia and New Zealand did Walk To Water for persecuted Christians in Nigeria.  

Of the $94,000 goal to fund 12 boreholes over the next three years, build health clinics and schools, you raised around $90,000!

You are building boreholes in 12 Christian communities where Christians are denied access to clean water.

In October, we sent a team to Nigeria. They met with Christian communities who have received boreholes.

“This borehole provides clean water for around 2,000 Christians in the community we visited.”


Image: One of the boreholes in Christian communities supported by Open Doors.

“Before the borehole was built, the nearest water source was a borehole located next to a Mosque. Local Christians weren’t allowed to use it. They had to walk several kilometres to get water for cooking, cleaning, washing and drinking.” Said Anne, an Open Doors worker from New Zealand.

Community Leaders

Image: Community leaders our team met with while travelling.

“The borehole now serves the Christian community, and a Christian school that has been built next to the borehole. Before building the school, Christians had to go to Government schools. They were discriminated against, bullied, and taught the Quran.”

School kids

Image: Children in one of the schools our team visited.

This is just one of many boreholes you are building for Christian communities. Your help makes a difference!

Thank you to everyone who was a part of Walk To Water 2017!

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