The DNA Of Every Christian

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By Mike Gore | 7 January 2016

As I spent time in December seeking God on how we could better strengthen the persecuted church in 2016 and beyond, I dreamt of seeing 17,000 supporters of the persecuted church by the end of 2017.

Let me tell you why…

Last year I spent some time in Northern Iraq meeting with people who had been displaced by the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

As I heard story after story of people who were suffering emotionally, physically and spiritually, I realised for the first time that I hadn’t found a stereotypical “heroic” persecuted church; I had found a “heartbroken” church. A church that still loved and trusted in Jesus, but a church that was tired, worn out and exhausted.

I met children who would wake in the middle of the night screaming, “They’re coming, they’re coming…” I met fathers trying to deal with the shame of not being able to provide for their families. I met mothers learning to live off food parcels and other relief they were given through our ministry.

It was during this trip I felt God speak to me about our role as a ministry – calling us to be bold, take risks and ask questions.

Strengthening the persecuted church should be part of the DNA of every Christian.

In some ways, I felt God was calling us to return to the boldness Brother Andrew had when he started our ministry in 1955. A boldness that saw people driven to prayer, drawn closer to a radical God and expressing their faith fearlessly. They became storytellers of the persecuted church and ultimately called to willingly contribute financially to equip effective on-the-ground ministry to those living out their faith in some of the most confronting places on the planet to be a Christian.

To reach our goal of 17,000 supporters, we simply need each of you to tell one friend about our ministry and how they can help. Would you be willing to commit to asking one person you know to consider supporting our work? 

This post was written by Mike Gore, CEO Open Doors Australia.
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