The Little Black Book

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By Beth Ross | 4 August 2017

For the last 16 years, North Korea has been the most dangerous place in the world for Christians.

Here, school teachers tell their students to go on a treasure hunt. The kids are encouraged to go home and search for a ‘little black book’ often hidden in pot plants or holes in the ground. Whoever brings a black book to school the next day will receive a reward.

The children never know that they are actually looking for a Bible.

So they race home, eager to play the game. When they return the next day with the treasure they’ve found, the teacher rewards them by saying they have served their fatherland.

That day they come home to an empty house. Their parents have been arrested and will most likely never be seen again. The North Korean government fears the message of the bible and its ability to change lives.

They fear the truth it brings and the way it transforms a nation.

They try to silence those who live by the words of the ‘little black book’.