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By Beth Westwood | 31 August 2017

Open Doors Live left us in awe as hundreds gathered together last Saturday night to hear about the global church. The evening began with worship. Unified voices represented many local churches and denominations all eager to learn more about Christians who risk it all for their faith in Jesus.

Our secret guest travelled halfway across the world to share his heart for the persecuted church and inspire us with stories of faith from the field. In 1995 he created the World Watch List–an indexed ranking of the top 50 most dangerous countries in the world to be a Christian. He has had over 30 years of experience in the field with Open Doors, including 5 years in the Soviet Union and 16 years in the Middle East.

“When you study church history you realise persecution of Christians is a very normal thing…its real and it’s growing...But the Lord is in control! He loves the persecuted church and He loves you.”

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Open Doors CEO Mike Gore joined our secret guest on stage for Q&A. Mike’s had almost 10 years of experience with the persecuted church and met believers from Iraq to India, and Tajikistan to China. He transparently shared the challenging lessons he’s faced with when it comes to serving our persecuted brothers and sisters. Read the Q&A here.

The night was not one to be missed and many got a rare insight into what life is like for those who give it all up for their faith in Jesus.

Q & A

Read the Q&A with Mike Gore and our secret guest.