We're Hand-delivering Hillsong Worship Kits To The Persecuted Church

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Image: Mike delivering a Hillsong There Is More Worship Kit USB to a Christian in Central Asia.
By Mike Gore | 29 June 2018

"Thank you for this precious gift. I love Hillsong. My favourite song is, What a Beautiful Name and my dream is to one day go to Hillsong..." – Syrian Pastor

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Hillsong have partnered with us to deliver There Is More Worship Kits to the persecuted church. And in June I had the opportunity of hand-delivering Worship Kits in the Middle East and Central Asia.

In Central Asia we sat on the floor in Pastor Joseph's* home. We began to worship, singing 'Jesus What A Beautiful Name'. Pastor Joseph knows that the secret police can come at any time and shut his church down. We visited their church, and were able to sing over them the song ‘Who You Say I Am’ from There is More, a song that we felt was perfect for the church in this nation.

We gave this pastor one of the There Is More USB Worship Kits.

These kits are encouraging pastors, worship teams and believers who face persecution for their faith in Jesus every single day.

Image: Mountains in Central Asia.

We believe that caring for the persecuted church is part of the DNA of every Christian. We’re continuing to partner with Hillsong Church at Hillsong Conference this year in Sydney, Australia (10 – 13 July) and we’re asking you to join us in supporting the persecuted church. 

We’re asking people to match one of the subscriptions in their lives to the survival of the church. It might be a monthly streaming service like Spotify or Netflix, your mobile phone, internet bill or your pay TV! 

It doesn’t have to be a great cost to strengthen those who are suffering for their faith.

So we’re asking you to choose the lowest amount that will see you support the persecuted church for the longest timeand match the price you pay for music, TV or WiFi to the survival of the persecuted church.

If you’re coming to Hillsong conference our team would love to meet you, share more stories and give you the chance to support the persecuted church! But even if you’re not at conference you can still subscribe to become a Frontline Partner online.

“We see many miracles, the dead people are being raised from the dead and many coming to faith through dreams and visions. The Lord Jesus is appearing, healing, touching and freeing people.” - Pastor of a Muslim Background Believer Church, the Middle East

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