Why We’re Not Tax Deductible And Proud Of It

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By Mike Gore | 15 May 2018

As it’s the end of the financial year we understand you might be thinking about tax deductible giving.

As a ministry, we don’t offer tax deductibility, and we’re proud of it! 

It sounds strange, but the current requirements from our government mean we would need to significantly reduce the amount of gospel-based work we do around the world, in order to achieve tax-deductible status and that’s a compromise we’re not willing to make. 

Sudan2c+North 2015 0380100935
Image: A pastor's wife during Bible study at a Conference in Sudan.

Our mission is to strengthen the persecuted church in some of the most conflicted places on the planet. This involves Bible delivery, training and discipleship and practical support, all with the purpose of enabling the local church to continue spreading the gospel.

We work in over 70 countries supporting Christians who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus.

And it’s because of this mission that we can’t receive tax deductibility status. 

Iraq 2015 0260101156
Image: Iraqi man reading a Bible he's just received.

We’ll continue looking at options, and we’re hoping the government will change their stance on this in coming years. But we are unashamed of keeping the gospel at the centre of our work. And we will not compromise our call to fulfil the Great Commission. 

We want to continue strengthening the local church to be the hands and feet of Jesus. So, at this end of tax year, while people are thinking about giving, we hope you would consider supporting the persecuted church – even without tax deductibility. 

Thank you for continuing to choose to give to the persecuted church. You make this ministry happen!


Your ongoing support helps Open Doors respond to the needs of the persecuted church.

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