Join us this week for House Church by Open Doors as we look at Hosanna – how it is both a plea for help and praise of hallelujah.

Download the run sheet, or pick and choose your content, as you embark on a journey of faith, learning from those who have gone before us. We are one body, one Church, and we are stronger together.


Run Sheet

A run sheet designed to help you run your house church, community group or solo devotion! This is intended as a guide–please use these resources in which ever ways are most helpful for your community.

House Church Episode 3


Discussion Questions

Follow discussion questions built around the video and podcast.  (If you’re looking for the children’s activities, keep scrolling!) 

House Church Kids Ep.1


Children's Activities

Resources to help you share Jesus with your children. Watch our kids’ video, work through the study questions, then encourage their creative side with a memory verse colouring in page! 

Podcast 2020 4.3


Mike Gore and Jocelyn Goto discuss the beauty of Hosanna – expanding on the idea of praise and plea seen in Mike’s video. Listen throughout the week to prepare yourself for House Church!  



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