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Vietnam | Authorities Help Families

Vietnam is one of the most dangerous places to be a Christian, and persecution is often left unchecked by authorities. But for three Christian families, something miraculous recently occurred.
By Emily Watt | 19 October 2020

India | Four Children Orphaned

Four children under ten years old in India have been left as orphans after their mother died of a throat infection.
By Emily Watt | 12 October 2020

Laos | Christians Forced Into Re-Education Training

In less than one month, in a small region of Laos, three believers have been taken by authorities.
By Emily Watt | 6 October 2020

India | Violent Persecution Rises

By Emily Watt | 8 September 2020

Laos | Police Infiltrate Church

By Emily Watt | 18 August 2020