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Tajikistan | Christian Persecuted By His Family

Hakim* recently came to faith in Jesus, coming from a Muslim background. Now he’s experiencing persecution from his Muslim family.
By Emma Rogers | 3 July 2018

Image: Statue of leaders in North Korea

North Korea | A Historical Summit With Little Outcome

Recently, the world had its eyes on the historic summit between two of the most well-known world leaders, Kim Jun-Un and Donald Trump.
| 25 June 2018

Egypt | Christians Harassed For Drinking Water During Ramadan

An Egyptian Christian was detained by police for carrying a bottle of water during fasting hours this Ramadan. He believes he was targeted for his faith.
By Emma Rogers | 20 June 2018

Central Asia | Persecutor Finds Jesus

Roman* was a very conservative Muslim who decided to disrupt a local church service. He wanted to target 'betrayers.'
| 18 June 2018