Prayer News

Iran | Woman Sentenced To Notorious Prison

A Christian woman has begun serving a one-year prison sentence in one of Iran’s most notorious prisons. Authorities arrested Fatemeh and charged her with “propaganda against the regime.”
By Nicole Todd | 24 September 2019

Eritrea | Authorities Seize Religious Schools

Seven secondary schools run by religious minorities, including Christians, have been targeted and seized by authorities.
By Nicole Todd | 19 September 2019

Indonesia | Two Churches Forced To Close

Indonesian authorities have forced two churches to close in just one month.
By Nicole Todd | 10 September 2019

Laos | House Church Leader Beaten and Harassed

Tou*, a house church leader in northern Laos, is no stranger to threats and attacks.
By Nicole Todd | 5 September 2019

Pray For Life-Changing Projects To Go Ahead

By Nicole Todd | 25 June 2019