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BANGLADESH | Extremists Attack Christian Refugees

An attack on Rohingya Christians taking refuge in a Bangladeshi camp has exposed the harsh reality for believers within the camp.
By Emily Watt | 12 March 2020

INDIA | Hindu ReConversion Campaign Aims At Christians

Indian national extremist group known as the VHP has launched a ‘re-conversion campaign’ in the country’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh, encouraging religious minorities to...
By Emily Watt | 5 March 2020

UKRAINE | Authorities Target Churches

Churches in the east of Ukraine are experiencing increasing intimidation. Authorities have blocked many churches in the region from accessing electricity and water, and prohibited...
By Emily Watt | 19 February 2020

SUDAN | Churches Destroyed Twice In One Month

Tags: Africa,Prayer News,Sudan
By Emily Watt | 13 February 2020

Kenya | 11 Christians Lose Lives In Attack

By Emily Watt | 19 December 2019