Prayer News

Kazakhstan | Church Leaders Lose Appeal

Three Protestant pastors have lost their appeal after being given four to five-year jail terms for leading a church in Almaty. This is the country’s third criminal case against the church and its leaders.
By Emily Watt | 18 December 2019

Egypt | Family Attacked by Extremist

A family of three were attacked and seriously wounded by a neighbour in Al-Nasriyah. Despite their injuries, Egyptian authorities labelled the attack “a normal quarrel”.
By Emily Watt | 12 December 2019

PHILIPPINES | Churches Accused Of Communist Ties

Several churches and Christian organisations in the Philippines have been labelled “communist fronts” in a security briefing delivered by the Defence Secretary.
By Emily Watt | 5 December 2019

Iran | Christians Imprisoned for Their Faith

Iranian Authorities have sentenced nine Christian men to five years in prison, accused of “acting against national security”.
By Murray Noble | 21 November 2019

China | Government Tightens Control

By Nicole Todd | 24 October 2019

Eritrea | Authorities Seize Religious Schools

By Nicole Todd | 19 September 2019

Indonesia | Two Churches Forced To Close

By Nicole Todd | 10 September 2019