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Pakistan | Freedom For Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi's 10-year blasphemy case has reached a final verdict. We are relieved to hear that the Pakistani Supreme Court has dropped the charges against Asia Bibi—charges that were based simply on her Christian identity and false accusations against her.
By Jacob Ennever | 1 November 2018

Pakistan | Waiting For A Verdict For Nearly 10 Years – Asia Bibi

The final appeal was heard on 8 October by the Supreme Court of Pakistan regarding the decade-long Asia Bibi blasphemy case.
By Jacob Ennever | 25 October 2018

India | Persecuted For Over 30 Years

Persecution in India has been rising in recent years. For Ravi*, persecution for his faith in Jesus has been a part of his life for...
By Jacob Ennever | 18 October 2018

Indonesia | Supporting The Church Through Disaster

The devastating earthquake and tsunami have claimed the lives of around 2,000 people and more than 70,000 people have been forced from their homes to...
By Jacob Ennever | 10 October 2018