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Nigeria | 40 Christians Killed In The Lead Up To Easter

While the world has its eyes on the tragedy in Sri Lanka, the church in Nigeria also suffered a series of attacks during the Easter period.
By Jacob Ennever, Open Doors USA | 1 May 2019

Egypt | More Churches Legalised But Many More To Go

Egypt legalised 156 churches and service buildings on Tuesday, 5 March. The total number of approved Christian churches in Egypt is now 783.
By Jacob Ennever | 14 March 2019

Nigeria | 90% of 2018 Christian Deaths Were In Nigeria

The 2019 World Watch List reports 4,136 Christians in the top 50 countries were killed for their faith. Nigeria alone accounts for 90% of those killed.
By Jacob Ennever | 24 January 2019

Sudan | Surprising Verdict For The Church

By Jacob Ennever | 15 August 2018