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North Korea | The Most Dangerous Country For Christains In 2019

Yesterday the 2019 World Watch List was released showing the 50 most dangerous countries to follow Jesus in 2019.
By Jacob Ennever | 17 January 2019

India | 18 Attacks Over The Christmas Season

As the new year begins, we look back to see what Christmas was like for the persecuted church.
By Jacob Ennever | 3 January 2019

Nepal | Australian Women Deported For Sharing The Gospel

Sydney woman Katie Graham was arrested a month ago in the small Nepalese town of Gularia, not far from the border of India.
By Jacob Ennever | 6 December 2018

Myanmar | Persecuted Before Birth

Elijah* faced persecution since he was in the womb. He grew up in a family of strong Buddhists in Myanmar. His grandfather was the local sorcerer.
By Beth Ross | 21 November 2018

Pakistan | Freedom For Asia Bibi

By Jacob Ennever | 1 November 2018

India | Persecuted For Over 30 Years

By Jacob Ennever | 18 October 2018

China | Christian Children Forced To Tick 'No Religion'

By Emma Rogers, World Watch Monitor | 2 October 2018