Central Asia | Christian Attacked By His Family

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By Nicole Todd | 10 October 2019

A believer in Central Asia has been attacked by his extended family after they found out about his faith in Jesus. They seriously injured him, burned down his barn and killed all his livestock.

Khan* came to faith after he married a Christian woman who shared the gospel with him. Soon, he decided to get baptised.

After his baptism, Khan was so inspired that he immediately began to share the good news of Jesus with a younger relative. But the boy was not happy and accused Khan of betraying his Muslim faith and accepting a foreign god.

The next day, the boy gathered other members of Khan’s extended family together. The group went to Khan’s house, where they beat him and threatened him with a chainsaw.

The group then killed all of his livestock – sheep, chickens, ducks, rabbits and dogs – and burned down his barn.

Khan was in hospital for more than a week, with wounds all over his body and a concussion. Though he is now back at home, he and his wife are living under constant threat of further attacks by their family.

Despite this, Khan is standing strong in his faith in Jesus, and continuing to follow Him, no matter the cost.

“I decided that I have to forgive [my attackers] as Jesus Christ forgave my sins,” he said. “I will pray for my relatives; in spite of the incident, I love them, and I see how much they need God’s love.”

Pray For Central Asia:

  • Pray that Khan will make a full recovery from the effects of the attack.
  • Pray that the Lord will comfort and protect Khan and his wife, and grow them in this season of persecution and difficulty.
  • Pray that Khan’s extended family will come to know the goodness and saving love of Jesus Christ.

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*Name changed for security purposes.

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