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By Emily Watt | 25 August 2020

Several churches across China are being converted into ‘Cultural hubs’ in the hope that Christians with renounce their faith.

Flowing Stream Church was recently accused of “Occupying the village’s cultural base” after it was shut down by authorities.

“[The Chinese government] is afraid that more people, including less educated people, are turning to the church for their spiritual needs and not to official nationalism and patriotism,” one expert told Time Magazine.

Soon after its closure, Flowing Stream Church was reopened as “Yangzai Township Flowing Stream Village Cultural Service Centre”, a centre designed to promote socialist and nationalist thought.

Another nearby church has since met a similar fate.

In a recently released video, authorities documented the “Successful transformation of Christians through education”. According to officials, a “Monotonous cultural life” and lack of education is what drives citizens towards religion.

By transforming churches like Flowing Stream Church into cultural hubs, authorities hope that locals will be encouraged to renounce their faith, professing no other leader than the president of the Communist Party.

In the face of increasing pressure and uncertainty, please be praying for the Chinese church.

Pray For China:

  • Pray members of churches shut down by authorities will continue to meet together and seek the Lord wholeheartedly.
  • Pray that restrictions and propaganda will only increase the church in faith, strength and boldness.
  • Pray that God be preparing the hearts of Chinese authorities to receive His Word and accept His love.

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